Steve Miller Asessment Rescue Team (SMART), A better Assessor to value Larimer County. Elect Steve to assure fair property taxes.

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Steve Miller Assessment Rescue Team

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Our campaign depends on the strength of our volunteer network. Ask your friends and family to support Steve and visit this site to stay up to date so we can inform them about important news and events

Sign up to be a part of the team today. Why be S.M.A.R.T.

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  • Don't let your travel plans or busy schedules stop you from VOTING 
    get an ABSENTEE BALLOT mailed directly to you in time to cast your vote.
  • Send an email or letter to all your friends and ask them to check out the site and join the growing number of supporters. Let Steve answer any questions you have about the assessment process and how he can help ensure fair and equitable values.
  • You don't just have to use the internet to get the word out and help recruit volunteers. Print out this sign-up sheet and then submit it back to the campaign via fax or postal mail.
  • Another great way to raise money, recruit new volunteers, or just socialize with other supporters is to host a dinner party or other such gathering. Contact us so that we may provide campaign materials. If possible Steve would welcome the opportunity to meet with your group and answer any questions you may have.

Follow the links to see how you can help and contact us with any ideas you have. We are ready to answer your questions and appreciate your input and support. There is a lot that goes into running for office. The more people like you get involved, the more successful the campaign is.

Thank you.

Steve Miller, Candidate for Larimer County Assessor

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